The US giant Cisco Systems has closed a US$100 million partnership with the Sao Paulo city administration to prepare all municipal schools to become “digital schools.”

Connectivity is a central point for the implementation of projects such as the incorporation of programming languages ​​into the curriculum, the transformation of Computer Labs into Digital Education Laboratories, Learning and Experimentation, inspired by the “maker” culture, and the CEU21 project, with implementation of creative learning spaces and innovation, according to the city hall.

There will be about 18 thousand equipments of connectivity and security solutions. Wi-Fi, servers, switches and routers, among other items, implemented during the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio will now benefit 640,000 students from the public system in the state capital.
This is the largest donation made to the city in Doria’s administration. Alone, it is bigger than all the donations made since January to the city.

“This is the biggest donation ever made in our administration and possibly the largest ever made in the country for a municipality, coming from the private sector.” These are the equipment that will come to our digital education program, children, adolescents, school managers and teachers tuned into this new Era, with high technology, especially the poorest ones, can be attuned to the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century, ” the mayor said.

The donation proposal is in line with one of Cisco’s flagship global initiatives in the education and employability sector, the Networking Academy program. With more than 1 million students enrolled in the world, being trained in technology and prepared for a new professional career in the IT sector, the program is one of the pillars of the vision of corporate social responsibility. The program now has more than 300 academies and 200,000 students enrolled by all the states in Brazil, reinforcing the company’s commitment to the country and to the Education area.